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GLOBALRx is Pharmacist-Owned and uniquely licensed BOTH as a Pharmacy and Wholesale Distributor in North Carolina. These licenses allow GLOBALRx to provide USA approved medications to individual patients, hospitals and other specialized importers world-wide.

Wholesale Distribution

GLOBALRx is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an exporter. and licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture as a Wholesale Distributor to provide pharmaceuticals to specialized importers.

Licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency to export controlled substances both to hospitals and specialty importers located outside of the United States.

GLOBALRx also provides over-the-counter items, medical/surgical supplies, veterinary products, vitamins, and dietary supplements. 

Expanded Access Programs

Customized programs to support early access to medications for patients in need of life-saving medications. With GLOBALRx, manufacturers can reduce gray market activity by choosing a specialized, pharmacist-based, pharmaceutical exporter right here in the US.

Temperature-Controlled and Cold-Chain Shipping

GLOBALRx has the expertise to provide controlled room temperature and cold-chain shipping of pharmaceuticals requiring specialized shipping conditions. We offer our clients the ability to customize their shipments based on their needs and the recommended temperature range. We have state-of-the-art shipping containers with loggers available to ensure temperature stability is maintained throughout the entire shipment. 

Restricted Medications

Because of the significant expense and complexity of many of the new drugs approved in the US, many pharmaceutical companies prefer to provide drugs in the US through specialty distributors thus preventing access to these drugs for export. Unfortunately, to access those drugs a “alternative” or ‘grey market” has emerged which makes such drugs available at substantially higher prices than normal and is characterized by the absence of a pedigree indicating the source(s0 of such drugs.  GLOBALrx will not source any drug from the “grey” market.