Controlled Drugs.

Since 1970 GLOBALRx has had a Drug Enforcement Administration Export license which allows us to send controlled drugs to clients overseas. The majority of these shipments consist of drugs to treat the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in countries where specific drugs to treat ADHD are not available.

Individual patient prescriptions from outside of the United States.

Our North Carolina Pharmacy license allows us to fill prescriptions for individual patients in countries where medication they may need is not available.

Large and small wholesale quantities.

Using multiple suppliers, we can provide the vast majority of drugs available in the United States to any country in the world. In most cases we supply these larger volumes working with and through Specialty Wholesalers and Distributors in the country where the drugs will be sent.  By securing the necessary import permits and licenses they can expedite customs clearances allowing most medications to be cleared for the use of the patient in a few days.

Medication restrictions in the United States.

Because of the significant expense of many of the new drugs approved in the United States, many of the pharmaceutical companies prefer to provide drugs in the USA through specialty distributors thus preventing the access to these drugs for export. In many, but not all, cases most of the pharmaceutical companies have made arrangements with overseas companies to provide those drugs to countries where those drugs are currently not available. We will be happy to assist any patient, physician, or hospital to source those medications if asked to do so.