About Us

GLOBALRx was begun in 1996 under the name AIDSRx, in response to the absence of many of the USA-approved drugs for the treatment of AIDS in countries outside of the United States. Within a year it became apparent that there were a number of other drugs which fell into the same category (available in USA but not everywhere else). The need to expand the medications available beyond that of those used to treat AIDS resulted in the change of name to GLOBALRx in 1997, a patented name used since that time. From one person working half-time with less than $200,000 in annual business, GLOBALRx has grown to 6 employees with annual sales approaching $8 million.  

GLOBALRx is proud to have the following licences: NC Pharmacy License 07264, DEA Export License RG0239891, and NC Distributor License NC12.